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2015 Holiday Gift Guide from Athletic-Minded Traveler

We've been creating the annual gift guide since 2009! We don't accept compensation nor any other form of payment for inclusion. Our list represents items that our Athletic-Minded Traveler Team really likes. We strive to recommend something for everybody on YOUR list. So let us help you with your holiday shopping! Click here to see our previous years' lists

For the spa lover. Amayori Shower Mochi Tablets transform your shower into an aromatherapy experience. Instead of lotions or soaps, give these tablets. They also make a perfect hostess gift! Simply place one on the shower floor and enjoy. 3 for $21

For the "around the clock" tea drinker: Rather than re-heating water stove-top or in a microwave for each refill, the Zojirushi Hot Water Dispenser will keep your tea flowing. The device holds 3 liters of water. The first boil takes about 15 minutes and then water is kept at your desired temperature. There are other models available. $125 


For car travelers & those who need their computers outdoors. The Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen V2.0 shades your computer screen from sunlight. It can accommodate up to 17" screens and there's even a pull-over head cover for "extreme" conditions! Great for photo shoots, computing beach side, etc. 1.2 lbs., $85


For the foodie/snacker. Ahh, so many options out there, but have you heard of Snakku? It's the only Japanese snack box that gets its products directly from local snack makers in Japan. $39 for 1 month, $115 for 3 months.


For after-dark runners and cyclists. A headlamp! Yes, it may produce more light than you think you need, but when we investigated less obtrusive safety lights such as Knuckle Lights, Nathan's Clip Light and Nathan's Light Spur, runners complained of battery life, failure due to sweat and the devices falling off. Headlamps like the Smartlight Ultra LED Headlamp gets thumbs up for its performance (waterproof, dustproof, 6 light settings) & comfort. 1 AA battery, $30

For the avid & super persnickety cyclist. Brooks England is known for their very durable yet comfortable bike "saddles". They come in varying flavors: "Road & MTB", "Touring & Trekking" and "City & Heavy Duty". There are even "limited edition, one of a kind & seasonal" seats! While the items shown on the site are priced in pounds, many US dealers offer the seats. Pictured is the "Blue Swift EHBPC London". Seats are $65 and up.

For the stylin' sports enthusiast: Now that we've helped with your the lower assets (see above!) what about your noggin? Inkwell Helmets turn safety into art with their hand-painted helmets. They don't manufacture, just design. Helmets are categorized by: bicycle, ski/snowboard, climbing. $85-$250. *1-4 week lead time required.


Yes, something for the Teen!! Inkodye allows any budding artist/creative type to express him/herself. The "Kit" allows you to print your own images on fabric using the power of sunlight! Yep, it's green too. The prints are 12x12 and the kit comes with the film, ink wash, project board and step by step video, thankfully! T-shirts, pillows, bags... $35 

 For campers, hikers, beach bums & anyone needing a "solar charge." The Anker 14W Dual-Port Solar Charger has four individual solar cells, folds up into something about the size of an iPad and nifty "eye holes" that make it easy to attach to a backpack. It can charge 2 devices at a time. Note, works best with direct sunlight. $45


For those who hate waste. Flip & Tumble makes all sorts of totes & bags from recycled plastic. This travel pouch kit means no more Ziplocs and waste. The bags are machine washable and color coded. You get 5 in the set. $24 We also like the produce set. $12

For the "first mover" cyclist. This is a cycling activity tracker and security device all in one. The "smart" bicycle pedal by Connected Cycle has a GPS and cellular chip built into it so that you will know if your bike has been moved. You can pre-order the device on Indiegogo for $189. Not cheap. AND delivery isn't until April 2016...hence the "first mover" reference! 

For the kid/teen who wants to be kept company by their favorite athlete, movie character, or critter! You've likely seen other wall decals, but when you go REAL BIG, the effect is pretty awesome. Fathead has a diverse selection for larger than life fun.  We were amazed when we saw one "live." We favor the soccer decals. $50 and up.


For the exploring cyclist. Yes, another gift for cycling enthusiasts! The Hammerhead is a navigation system with 10+ hours of battery life. It's a piece of equipment that attaches to your cycle's handlebars. Via a phone app and Bluetooth, the device will guide you by light signals. The plus is that you don't have to take your eyes off of the road. Check out the video on the website. The sell is "no more getting lost while riding." So choose a route on your phone; store phone, and let Hammerhead guide you. $85 if you buy online from site.

For the nostalgic snowboarder or sledding fan. Burton's Throwback Snowboard has no bindings, is made of plywood, and is designed for "backyard fun". Riders stand on a gripped pad and hang on via a handle attached to the nose by a rope. The rope helps steering and prevents the board from taking off when you wipe out. Think of it as stand-up sledding!  $130. Another option comes from Snurfer by Vermont based Vew-Do.

For anyone who appreciates good ergonomics. This umbrella stand is unique. It's small, catches the drips, looks cool AND can be used as a doorstop too. We just love the creativity and minimal footprint. Catch my Drip makes a great hostess gift too! $60



For the teacher, neighbor, friend, service provider...HopkinsAg's Gift Tins make the best gift for anyone on your list. Not only are the almonds super tasty, but almonds are healthy. You can give food and feel good doing it. We always give out almonds during the holidays. You can even choose which "flavors" to include in the tin (Roasted, Raw, Mexican Chocolate, Honey Cinnamon, Chipotle Spicy, Italian, Honey Vanilla, Lime & Sea Salt). $18 small tin; $42 big tin.

WOW! What did we forget? Do you have something you think athletic-minded travelers would love? Comment below with your gift idea. 

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We've heard from several

We've heard from several runners that we should include the Armpocket Ultra i-35. For those who run rain or shine (lots of rain), can store their mobile device in the armband. It's sweat and moisture resistant. $45 for the one that fits the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6. The i-35 gets the better reviews via

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