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A Cure for Cold, Aching, Hurting Knees and Joints

With the recent time change, my 630am bike rides have become somewhat colder. Keeping my upper body warm is easy--layers, arm warmers, etc.--but until recently I struggled to keep my legs warm, especially during the first 30 minutes of the ride. The crisp morning air would pierce into my knees and create stiffness and an annoying (not severe) amount of knee pain.

I tried wearing leg warmers, which are helpful for those bitter cold winter days, but I find them restrictive and too warm after 30 minutes in the saddle when the temps are above 45F.

A chiropractor friend of mine, Ken Lounsbury (also an impressive cyclist), introduced me to what he calls the "Belgian knee warmer".

Knee & Joint Warming Cream - Sombra

Sombra is a jelly-like cream that heats upon contact with the skin. Unlike Ben-Gay and Icy Hot, Sombra uses all natural ingredients and seems to last longer too (2 hours into my rides I still feel it). Before jumping on the bike, I dip two finger tips into the jar and rub on/around my knees. A little Sombra goes a long way. The heat starts within seconds. There is a strong peppermint-like scent, so I normally apply it outside to spare my family the smell.

It works like a charm. No aches, no pains and no cold bones. I've shared Sombra with several friends and family members who now all use it consistently for cold rides and runs.

Purchase the "Belgian Knee Warmer" via or various other online retailers--just Google it.

PS - Sombra also could help keep NFL fans warm while attending a winter home game

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Interesting, another one I

Interesting, another one I have not tried. Thanks for the tip will look for this.

You gotta check the site:

They have a whole section on embrocation. Good stuff.

I wear knee warmers up to 65 deg though when training, use embrocation for racing down to maybe 50 then it's time to cover up. Except cyclocross.


This product is great. It is

This product is great. It is also activated by water/sweat. I have used it for hot yoga (Bikram and other styles). So you can put it on and then feel it much later...once you break a sweat.

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