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Allbirds Shoes Are Winners

Given these shoes as a gift, we didn't know what to make of our bright yellow Allbirds upon first glance.  Are they sneakers?  A water shoe for rafting?  After slipping them on and taking our first steps, we knew one thing immediately...they're incredibly comfortable. No need to "wear this shoe in."

Since that initial introduction, we've been wearing our 'birds everywhere---beach, golf course, grocery store, and even on short (5K or less) jogs.  Often we wear them without socks and our bare feet love touching the soft wool and cushy sole.  Allbirds have a few styles, even a distance running sneaker, and prices range from $95-$125 US, not cheap but also not unreasonably expensive.  After three months of use, they still feel and look new, a credit to their quality.

If in the market for a new pair of kicks, give these a go.  You won't be disappointed.  And, Allbirds Tree Runner uses renewable materials, are machine washable and carbon neutral.

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And I just read today that

And I just read today that Allbirds is launching an apparel collection with T-shirts, sweaters, jackets etc. all made with  eco-friendly materials with a low carbon footprint. The t-shirts, which are made from discarded crab shells. Ha!

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