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Better late than never. Our 2010 holiday gift guide is here!

How can it possibly be December 18th?  Weren't we just enjoying our smoked turkey from Greenberg Farms last week?  HARDLY! Time flies when you are active and on-the-go!

If you are like we, and a little unprepared for the gift giving about to come, we hope these ideas will be helpful:

If you need other ideas, look no further than our previous lists. There are some real winners.  And, if you don't already get our newsletter, sign up HERE.  We'll be giving away some gourmet almonds in our next issue and they are scrumptious.  (See Below.)

1.  For anyone active in the outdoorsWaterproof Back by Aquapac Do you live in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington?  If so, a waterproof backpack is a necessity.  To school and back, hiking up a mountain, or commuting on your cycle to work, this pack will keep your work and lunch dry. $85


2.  For the kids:  Go! Go! Sports Girls.  You may recall our Part 2 post in our Healthy Parenting Series -- about being a role model. Well during our "research" we happened upon these dolls. What a wonderful way to encourage a child's emerging interest in swimming, soccer, golf, running, etc. with a doll that plays these sports! $20

3.  For the Host/Hostess or Water Lover: Beyond the Sea Vase The seashells are suspended in acrylic and the effect is cool and stylish. $30


4.  For the cyclist: Blackburn Flea USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light Safety first and any cyclist hitting the road in the early or late hours should have some sort of light device.  This one offers 5 hours of flashing time, easily mounts to your cycle, is light weight, and comes in all sorts of fun colors. $30


5.  For the Foodie or Health Nut: Hopkins AG Almonds Yum Yum is what we say about this family run company's almonds. Their newest flavor, "Mexican Chocolate" will fool you into thinking you are noshing on something quite sinful.  But then it will all come back to you, almonds are super healthy. A handful is the perfect snack. (Read more about the health benefits, here.) A sample pack of almonds is $15.   


Hopkins AG Almonds

6.  For everyone: Deuce Brand Watches  These colorful, lightweight, waterproof and energy enhancing watches are the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list. $20

Deuce Watches

7.  For your loved-ones: The Gift of Health.  We know, this sounds a little cliche, but we have two ideas to help your loved ones get, or stay, healthy. 1.  Instead of a membership to a gym, which can get pricey and may be a little too much to ask of the recipient, how about a 10-class card to a yoga studio? YES!! Bikram, CorePower & Yoga Works all have studios across the country and all offer class cards. And believe us, these studios' yoga offers a real workout. We know. Read our post describing each of these companies and the yoga. $75-$135.

Beth Yoga

The second idea? A membership to Athletic-Minded Traveler! $19.95/year or $2.95/month. For anyone who travels, our recommendations for hotels, run routes, lap pools, places to eat.....will keep your loved ones healthy and happy.

8. For the Athletic-Minded Traveler: GoFit Pro Gym-in-a-Bag One of our subscribers won a Deuce Brand Watch by emailing to us his "must have" gift idea. Patrick uses the resistance bands (3 levels) to get a strength workout (squats, lat rows, tricep pushdowns etc.) when he is remote locations without gym access. Door anchor also included and a DVD. $35

gym in a bag

9.  For the Reader who lives in the "West"Sunset Magazine Food, gardening, travel, home decor and more. This magazine offers wonderful articles, recipes and other ideas. And while a magazine subscription may not seem all that original, it will be appreciated!$15


So get to it! You still have some days left before Christmas. Or siimply save these ideas for your next gift-giving opportunity. Happy Holidays from the Athletic-Minded Traveler Team!

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