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Buy More Legroom on JetBlue

Airlines are charging extra these days for many items that used to be free: food, pillows, check-in luggage, help from the skycaps, etc. Southwest is now even charging more for those wanting to board called, "business fares".

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Now JetBlue is putting their spin on the nickel and dime-ing, but this concept is a good one. Beginning April 1st, JetBlue fliers can pay an extra $10, $15 or $20 (depending on flight length) for more space to stretch their legs. The discount carrier, known for its leather seats and personal satellite television screens, reconfigured its Airbus A320 fleet to allow six rows with 38 inches of "pitch" instead of the existing 34 inches in all other rows (industry average is 32 inches). The extra space does not come at the expense of customers sitting in the rear of the plane -- 34 inches has been the JetBlue pitch in all rows for some time.

Smart move. Creating a larger legroom option and charging a reasonable premium brings more revenue per flight for JetBlue and smiles to the faces of tall travelers willing to pay a few bucks extra to avoid leg cramps. Win, win.

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