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Coffeemaker Vindication

I remember posting about a trip to Vegas where I stayed at the boutique TheHotel at Mandalay Bay. One of my gripes was not having an in-room coffeemaker--especially since getting some hot water from room service was a bit of an ordeal.

Anyway, a couple of the AMT editors mocked me for being so persnickety, especially since my expenses (e.g. room service) were being covered. I think the quote was, "What, you want Holiday Inn?"

While I do enjoy first class accommodations and services, some more bourgeoisie amenities are equally appealing, like the in-room coffeemaker! And the top-notch Ritz Carlton obviously agrees. Today I read in my Weekend Journal that the luxury hotel chain will be equipping rooms with, you guessed it, coffeemakers!

Huddle, this should also make you happy...I recall you mentioning in-room coffeemakers as a necessity in your Tempe review.

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