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Fat and UN-happy. No more.

**Ediitor's Note: Some changes were made in 2024.

Brad Heutmaker contributed this Blog. He knows travel! In only 7 months this year he has qualified for Platinum with US Airways and is Gold Elite with Marriott. You can follow Brad on X @bradheutmaker.

Real Life Solutions not Theory

Articles about diet and exercise rarely take into consideration that some readers are road warriors who go days on end with very limited healthy choices. So what is a health conscience business traveler to do especially if you’re overweight or have type -2- diabetes? (Aside from relying on the Eat Well recommendations from Athletic-Minded Traveler.)

Fat & UN-happy

During the fall of 2006 I weighed in at nearly 260 lbs. and was diagnosed of type-2-diabetes. I phoned my wife immediately and upon arriving home I discovered that all of our white pasta, white bread, candy and other food “garbage” had joined the other garbage in the can! She’s fast.

Curing not just managing my Type-2-Diabetes

My wife and I discussed our options. We decided that we would get in shape for our daughter and most importantly for ourselves. During my childhood and into my adult years, my parents were obese. In their 50’s both underwent Gastric Bypass surgery. I didn’t want to go down the same road. Dealing with our weight issues in our 30’s instead of putting it off for another 20 years was the right thing to do.

Personal Training for the Road Warrior

We started exercising at our local gym, but it quickly became apparent we needed help. I opted for a trainer, and my wife signed up for group classes. As a road warrior, home workouts need to be extra challenging to compensate for less than stellar workouts on the road. My trainer delivered; he also provided workouts that would work in a hotel room or fitness center.

I eat therefore I am          

Eating well on the road is a HUGE challenge. Sites like and myriad mobile phone apps (such as Yelp) make finding healthy eateries and grocery stores easier. If I plan ahead, I know I’ll eat better. It’s a matter of avoiding the bad stuff. Another favorite mobile app is which allows me to log calories and workouts so I can track what I am taking in versus what I am expending with exercise.

You can make it work even when you travel

Business travel definitely makes eating right and fitting my workouts in tougher. But if you have the motivation and desire you can be successful. Curing Type 2 diabetes and losing weight are not pipe dreams even if you’re a road warrior.  It simply requires more planning and dedication to be successful. Get the help and education you need while you’re at home to learn what you need to do while you’re on the road. Limit your bad eating choices in airports and at business meetings, but remember if you do slip up, the next choice you make needs to be a better one.

The results are in -- meaning the Doctore is OUT!

So in the span of less than two years I went from 260 lbs to 190, working out 5-6 times per week. My workouts consisted of strength training three days per week and running another 3 days per week. In June of 2008 I completed my first marathon in San Diego, California and have since completed three more and I will run my fifth marathon on October 2 in Corning, New York. I did it with the help of education, a personal trainer and my wife! Be patient. It doesn't happen over night.

Need more inspiration? Another "success story?" Here you go!

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