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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 from Athletic-Minded Traveler

Still looking? Still weighing the pros & cons of various gifts? Still trying to find SOMETHING for that special or not so special someone wink? That's where we come in.

Our gift guide "reveal" is always on the later side of the shopping season.  The upside is that those who need last minute ideas have a resource. We are your resource. We get NOTHING for recommending these gifts. We simply think they are super cool!  And we hope you do too! And if not right now, there's always birthdays! 

Keep in mind that we've been recommending gifts for YEARS. Our lists are always short. So if you need more ideas, check out our past recommendations here

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For every cook in the WHOLE world! This hand juicer makes getting fresh citrus a breeze. We had always dreaded juicing our lemons and limes for our recipes and salads.  NO more. This kitchen gadget from Chef'n makes it so easy.  And it looks pretty good too! If you are someone who gets a gift from our Athletic-Minded Traveler Team, don't buy this. We already got you one! $16











For four to ten-year olds who travel. While this gift could certainly work for those younger or older than this age range, we think the sweet spot is ages 4-10. Olders have no interest in scratching off anything except maybe a lottery ticket!  And any younger than 4 will be a push to read the various points of interest. BUT, for those who like to give gifts with some sort of educational bent, the USA Scratch Off Map is a winner and only $15!  It comes in a gift ready tube, has a tear resistant surface, and 32 two-sided "learning cards" to educate about the landmarks. 17"x24"










For the kayak LOVER short on space, who wants to do it MORE & with less hassle.  BUT before you get too excited, it's PREorder only. Hmmm.  You could always print the image and impress the recipient with the gift to come later. This product started via a Kickstarter campaign. Now it will ship in 2020.  The folding kayak (Inlet from Oru Kayak) means you can easily store it and transport it.  It folds down to about 1/2 the size of a normal kayak. Images tell the story! $850

For the cycling commuter or cyclist with little room. Yes, another foldable helmet. We've recommended them before. the good news here is that this one is available at 40% off via preorder.  We are all for bicycle safety and think this one is MORE stylish than others. Also, the fact that it folds into its own water bottle size case makes it truly easily transportable. No excuses here. The helmet meets key US and EU cycling safety standards, weighs only 8 oz, and is hand washable. Park & Diamond helmet is approximately $88 and expects to ship in February 2020.









For beginning readers (and their parents). This little gadget will turn your mobile device into a story projector. Simply attach it onto your phone and start projecting classic stories onto the wall. The pack we link to is from Target and includes 5 stories.  Two potential downsides:   Likely must remove phone case to attach the projector, and must download the app.  Additionally, it's best used at nighttime. Your mobile device flashlight acts as the projector. It's $20-$25, so pretty low risk!

For those who like to get nostalgic. Did the above gift idea remind you of anything?  Well you'd likely need to be born in the 70s or earlier to really remember it...or maybe not! Anthropologie sells one as do a few other toy companies. Some call it a "view finder" or "view master".  The RetroViewer is a customized version. Will it arrive in time for the holidays?  Likely not.  However, we LOVE the idea of putting a special event, trip, time of life...whatever....onto your own reel. This is one unique story viewbook. Pricing starts at $30.

For those who like it fun, cozy...hygge! This company makes all sorts of knitted goods such as gloves, bags, hats, scarves, home accessories and more. Each item has its own personality, and we love that. Little hint. Get on their mailing list. About 2-3 times a year, they have a big SALE. We've often chosen items from Verloop Knits as gifts for our corporate clients and very special friends -- male, female, young and old. Prices range from $10-$100+. 

Honorable Mentions for the products we've tried this year and really like. Give these gifts to anyone on the list!

How about a unique bag made from vinyl from recycled billboards? That is what Rare Form does. We've gifted these one of a kind bags, wallets, surfboard covers and more and the reaction is a big yes.  Get on the email list and you'll see that they run BIG sales events. Prices from $15 and up.

This is the Team's favorite Belgian Waffle Mix. We buy in bulk on Amazon. It makes good pancakes too. 



We've been experimenting with monkfruit sweeteners as it is becoming more common in many foods. Since some of us ( We won't mention any names.) are a little over addicted to sucralose (aka Splenda), we've been trying to find something less chemical. We think Lakanto makes the best liquid monkfruit sweetener and the chocolate "flavor" is a nice addition to our morning coffee.


We've always used silicon lid covers when storing our food in the Team fridge or heating it up in the microwave. No plastic or paper towel waste on our watch! And we had quite a collection of covers, but then we found these! We love the style of these. They come in varying shades and sizes. Why shouldn't your food be well dressed? The maker is Get It Right and they make all sorts of silicon kitchen tools.

This handy bike (or scooter or stroller) taillight is a repeat buy. We now have them on all of our non-motorized vehicles. We especially like the easy re-charging via USB. The $20 gadget from Lezyne is easy to attach, rechargeable, and has a solid and flashing light mode. Perfect stocking stuffer.


This is a winner of a game. Kids like it.  Adults like it. It requires brain activity, yet all ages can play!  Because one player goes at a time, busy adults can do some serious multitasking! Hooray. We think this is one of the best games ever. It's called Rush Hour and comes from ThinkFun.



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