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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 from Athletic-Minded Traveler

Is the fact that we are in a pandemic a reason we are extra excited to release our Holiday Gift Guide this year? Yes! We have some fabulous finds below. 

The elves have taken to this project like never before. Every minute of downtime has been happily allocated to searching for Athletic-Minded Traveler gift ideas.  For this Team, giving is truly receiving.  Even the idea of giving energizes this crew.

As we up our gratitude game each and every day, we hope this curated list will help you share your gratitude to all and everyone. Be Merry. Spread the good. We wish health and good fortune to each and every one of you. Thank you for your readership. And PLEASE FORWARD our picks.

On to the gifts!

For the Kitchen and/or Chef in the House. You know the type. Every family, team, company, and group has one. That person who feels he/she is in charge of the food and food prep space. Don't mess with the system! This gift is perfection and was most recently a STEAL on Nordstrom Rack! Be mindful of the dimensions. It's BIG and rather heavy too. $15+.














For Your Best Furry Friend.  Because Fido truly is your best friend. And why shouldn’t she accompany you on your outdoor adventures. But just like you, she needs to protect the peepers, especially at altitude. That’s where the Rex Specs come in. The $80 dog goggles boast 99.9% UVA and UVB protection, impact resistance and breathable mesh.  Fido will approve.  There are goggles designed for all of Fido's fun: Adventure, Working, Health, and Hunting.

You Decide! Your Best Buddy, Veteran, Teacher. These two coffee table books are unique and inviting. Who doesn't want to discover tips for longevity, view fabulous photography and go behind the scenes? Uncommon Grit is the creation of a retired Navy SEAL and professional photographer. The book earns rave reviews from Publishers Weekly and former Military bigwigs ($43).  On the other end of the spectrum is Chinatown PrettyMore than a photography collection of wonderfully stylish seniors in various Chinatowns across the country, readers will find stories of lives well lived and tips for doing the same. Let's hear it for aging gracefully ($24).

For ANYONE. Give Clean AND Help Others! This Company's mission is just...AWESOME.  Consider the stats. 550,000 people are experiencing homelessness and have limited or NO access to everyday services many of us take for granted, including a shower.  The Right to Shower commits 30% of its profits to mobile shower initiatives that help people currently experiencing homelessness. And guess what?  The products are just as wonderful as the mission. We tried the Charcoal Cotton Blossom Body Wash, and you know it's good when you re-order. It wasn’t overly flowery, enough scent but not overpowering. And even though it is labeled "charcoal", it will NOT ruin your white bathroom.  (We ordered via Vitacost $10+)

For they Gym-goer, Barre Lover & Barefoot Dreamer.  The Kinis Nomad "sock/shoe" offers that barefoot feel without the barefoot risks, namely, GERMS, slippage and injury. The anti-microbial fiber protects feet; the textured, flexible, sole grips; and the midi-sock style offers some "stub the toe" defense.  We tested the product for over 3 months in a VERY hot and humid yoga room, upon a stationary cycle, and in the gym lifting weights.  We highly recommend for gym use, on a cycle (or other indoor aerobic device), and in any class where a towel isn't used upon a mat. In our mega sweat fests, the fabulous gripping meant our towel got caught up. However, we can attest to great traction, and the shoes go on/off very easily. We also happily throw our pairs in the washer and dryer and all is fine. $65.

For the Person with Style but Little Room...College Graduate, First Time Home Owner, Apartment Dweller, RV owner...  Ahh, so many folks could be overjoyed with this simple plan for eating well. Gift recipients will happily display this dinnerware, and the possibilities are wide. Gone are stuffed drawers, cabinets and the like. Just take down the Lenox Luna Nesting set and dig in. Made for two. Other colors available. $85+ -- NOTE: There is both a regular size and a "mini", so ensure you get what you want!

For the Outdoors Lover and/or Family Gamer. Who doesn't like a little competition? This Shortboard Tiki Toss is smaller than the original Surf version, so it's perfect for indoors or outdoors. Get your game hat on and start tossing. 5 minutes to set up, and the 100% bamboo backboard is easy on the eyes. We also think the college student will love! Just think of the "game" fun to be had! $20.

For the Cook Who Likes to Show Up in Style: These days, BYOD -- Bring Your Own Dinner -- is on the RISE.  And Aplat's Wide Tote will ensure you arrive in style.  We adore this food carrier for its good looks and practicality.   The tote's ergonomics mean your pie, casserole or salad bowl will not tip! The bag pictured on the left is made from surplus raw denim, so you can feel good about the materials. It is 15" x 16.5" ($64). Food52 also sells the tote in other colors (image on right) $50. The denim commands a premium!

For the Gadget Lover, Hot Flashin’ or Always Cold, and/or…Stressed Workerbee.  The wrist worn Embr Wave stimulates concentrated sensitive nerve endings – thermoreceptors –  to ease pain, quell stress, warm, cool and even aid sleep.  It's all accomplished through warming OR cooling. Wearers use the app to select cycles and modes (5-30 min long).  This thermoregulation tricks the brain into feeling warmer or cooler. Wired Magazine gave it a favorable review. Fully charged, it should get you through a full day. $250-$299.

For the Cinephile, (or anyone who loves to explore foreign culture). Leave it to the master, Martin Scorsese, to create the World Cinema Project.  His objective is to expand the horizons of moviegoers everywhere. These SIX films come from regions generally ill equipped to preserve their own cinema history.  For example, included in this set are films from Senegal (Touki bouki), Mexico (Redes), India and Bangladesh (A River Called Titas), Turkey (Dry Summer), Morocco (Trances), and South Korea (The Housemaid). Watchers can sit back and open their minds... $60-$70

For the Tween/Teen or Mood Lighting Lover. If you haven't already noticed "glowing apartments" in your city, you just need to look more closely. Turn your head skyward and we are pretty sure you'll see a purple, blue, green or pink aura coming from the residential high rises. We were skeptical at first, but these LED Lights are really cool. Best part, any tween can do the installation. Especially now when so many are confined to indoor spaces, take yours (or their's) up a notch. We recommend getting 50 feet.  Set the mood! $20-$30.

So how'd we do THIS YEAR? If you want MORE MORE MORE gift ideas, look to our past lists.  Please support our goal to help everyone pursue an active and healthy lifestyle when traveling or at home! Sign up for our FREE blog and/or subscribe to our healthy travel portal. We curate the content and there are NO ads. 

Please comment and forward. 

Happy Holidays!












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