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Hot Yoga Freebie ALERT! And what we offer the Athletic-MInded.

Athletic-Minded Traveler seeks to help anyone and everyone stay fit. Our travel portal covers 100+ destinations and recommends fitness focussed hotels, places to sweat, expert run routes with maps (created by our team), legit lap pools, restaurants and eateries with diverse menus, grocery stores, farmers' markets, cool things to see and do, group runs, group rides, and more! If you travel, we will keep you fit.

Beyond our travel portal, we also create smartphone enabled run/walk route maps in digital and card form. Hotels, hospitals, and corporates provide their guests/employees with run and walk routes to help them stay active and healthy. We cover cities across the country and globe! Consider it for your business.

And then there is our BLOG. We've been blogging for years. Need training advice, recipes, health information, or even a creative way to use your bike pump? Our blog has it. The archive categories on the right are a treasure chest of information for all things active and healthy.

We tweet too. Follow us @healhtytravel. Our tweets are high quality and informative. Just take a look. 

And we don't stop the active and healthy information flow with the Blog and Twitter. We also publish an e-newsletter every month or two. Fans know that we typcially ONLY publish when we have a FREEBIE. And just like our content, it's all about products we like and recommend. So what is "it" this time? HINT: take a look at the picture!

We will be giving away pairs of K.Deer Haute Yoga Wear. The pic says it all, but to learn more about the high quality, hand-sewn clothing visit the site here. Oh, how can you win a pair of the "Bum Bums?" You must be on an enewsletter subscriber. Sign up here.

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