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Lap Pool Defined

I'm always amazed how much confusion there is about what is and what is not a lap pool. Time and time again, we'll ask a hote, is there a lap pool? And we will hear, YES! And it's Olympic sized! Then upon arrival, there is a small rectangle that may or may not have any lanes!

Here are some criteria to help those uninformed land-loving souls identify true lap pools:

A. If the pool is any shape other than a rectangle -- this includes kidney, round, S-shaped, heart shaped, etc., it is NOT a lap pool.  


B. If the pool is NOT at least 20 yards in length (preferably 25 yards), it is NOT a lap pool.  

C. If the pool does not have features that help swimmers get from end to end in a straight line (e.g., bottom stripes or floating lane lines), it is not a lap pool. 

D. If there are no men swimming in tight and tiny Speedos (or TYRs - we want to be brand neutral), it's probably not a lapper.  

E. If the pool water is kept at such a warm temperature that there is more floating than swimming, I'd venture that it is NOT a lap pool. 

F. Finally, if a waterslide empties into one end of your pool, preventing flip-turns on that side, it is NOT a lapper. 

Let's review. To be considered a lap pool, it must be:  

  • at least 20 yards in length
  • rectangular in shape  
  • kept at or near 80F degrees,
  • and have bottom stripes or floating lane lines stretching from end to end. 

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I don't think you meant "kept

I don't think you meant "kept at or near 80F degrees" in the minimum qualifications. That is very warm for a lap pool, and encourages floaters and dippers. I'd suggest "kept below 75F degrees."

Dear Mr. Kaese, Thank

Dear Mr. Kaese,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope every hotel gets this message. I just spent two hours researching the Lake Tahoe Harvey's website and talking to numerous staff to figure out what the dimensions of their advertised "lap pool" was. The first response I got was 15 X 50 METERS!! "Wow", I thought, "...this is a dream".... only to find out it was a dream. The pool is 15 X 50 FEET. Anyway, I'd like to add that I believe the minimum size to be considered a lap pool should be 25 yards NOT 20 YARDS (25 meters, 50 yards, 50 meters are the other longer standards).

Olita Layton

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