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Lucy to carry Athletic-Minded Traveler guidebook

We are doing flipturns and Warrior poses over the news that Lucy has agreed to carry the 2nd Edition of our best selling print travelguide, The Athletic-Minded Traveler. All stores should have it in stock by the middle of March.

AMT2 front cover.JPG

For those of you not familiar with Lucy, it is a flourishing apparel and accessories company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, targeting women with active and healthy lifestyles--that mission sounds familiar, right? Lucy stores are opening their doors in and near upscale malls across the U.S. at a rapid pace and we are thankful to now be along for the ride.

Our 2nd edition covers the same cities as the 1st, but many of the listings were updated and revised to reflect any new information.

Even more content (more cities, photos, dining options, run route maps, etc.) is available at Go to the home page NOW.

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