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MBT, Reebok EasyTone, Skechers Shape Ups, Fit Flops. A Waste of Money?

Is it really any surprise that, according to recent research, the bevy of "toning shoes" don't deliver? No you won't suddenly achieve a muscular backside, burn extra calories, or "get into shape without setting foot in a gym." 

And if you thought you would...well that is positive thinking.  I should know!  I'm on my fourth pair of MBTs!  Yep, I'm a devotee of the "toning" shoe.

The research debunking shoe manufacturers' claims comes from the Exercise and Health Program at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.  The study "found no evidence that the shoes help wearers exercise more intensely, burn more calories or improve muscle strength and tone." Various media articles on the topic (USA Today being one of the most comprehensive) cite myriad researchers, podiatrists and sports' medicine experts.  All concur that the shoes' sales mileage is a result of fad over fact.

Why do I wear the shoes?  Like many other fans, they have helped my joints. I turned to the MBT (the pioneer in the category) because of hip pain.  The marketing material suggested that joint pain could be eased.  After 2 months in the shoes, I noticed a difference.  Being sidelined from any running, I can now run -- albeit slowly.  Along with the shoes, I then sought out chiropractic care (If you are in San Diego, Dr. Ken is your guy.) and just recently switched to a Tempur-Pedic mattress.  My hip has NEVER been better.

I have other friends who wear the toning shoes, Skechers' version.  They like the look and feel.  It's not about burning calories or trying to build muscle.  It's about wearing a shoe that works.  Isn't that always the point?

While this blog post is an oldie; it's also a goodie:  Shoe buying hints from a PRO!

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I have tried all of these

I have tried all of these shoes and there are only 2 that are worth the investment. First of all, Sketchers and Reeboks...don't waste your money. They break down too quickly. It's the same reason that you invest in a good pair of running shoes. Invest in shoes that may cost a little bit more but will continue to absorb shock for the months ahead.

MBTs, first of all, are supported by over 40 major medical and scientific studies. Sketchers...1. And you can tell! I have had the same pair of MBTs for over a year now and today they work just as well as the day I bought them. That's awesome.

MBT shoes may cost a lot more but trust me, they're worth the investment. They're proven to work and I could tell. I have some minor knee pain that was totally went away when I wore my MBTs. I have also heard friends tell me that they have seen some cool results...lost weight, toned legs, back pain was reduced or went away, hip pain went away, etc.

The last pair of MBTs that I purchased was online. The best site I have found is They had quite a few styles to choose from but what I liked best was the fact that they donate to a charity that you choose for every pair of shoes that you purchase from their site. So I was happy bo buy MBTs from them because first off, I knew they were the real thing!, and secondly because I like that I was supporting St. Jude Children's Hospital with my purchase.

So, in conclusion, don't waste money on Sketchers or Reebok. Get the real thing in MBT. I know they cost more money but they're worth it. Just try em.

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