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Only in San Diego - Dragon Boat Rescue

From a recent Diane Bell column in the UT-San Diego:

Bob Kaplan won't be attending his daughter's Wellesley College graduation--due to a family of ducks.  Seems that early last Sunday, the ducklings decided to cross the road during a Fiesta Island Time Trial bike race.  Kaplan swerved to avoid them, taking a nasty spill.

A women's dragon-boat crew, practicing on Mission Bay, saw the crash, beached the colorful boat and rushed to Kaplan's aid.  As he was taken away in an ambulance, his bike was left behind.  Roads were closed to traffic during the race.  So, the women loaded Kaplan's $8,000.00 bike over the bow of their dragon boat and rowed it across the bay to the race entry area.

Hmmm...ducklings, dragon-boat, $8K many times have you read those three nouns in the same story?  Gotta love San Diego!

PS - Kaplan fractured his collar bone and ribs but will be pedaling again soon.  Just don't blow a duck call near him while he's riding!

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