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Recommended: World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji (Prime TV)

Like most Americans, the Coronavirus has upped our TV viewing time, but only a few shows have made our "must see TV" list.  We should write another blog with a full list of recommendations, but the latest show that our entire family enjoyed was "World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji" on Amazon's Prime TV network.

In this 10-part series, Mark Burnett pieces together a fantastic adventure race among 55+, 4-person teams from around the globe.  A few teams are professional and trying to win in a few days, while most of the others (families, friends, etc.), are just trying to finish in less than two weeks (before the race cutoffs) with their pride and relationships still intact.  Viewers watch with awe and some jealousy as the teams paddle, ride, hike, climb, swim and suffer throughout Fiji's majestic environs.  Who knew Fiji wasn't just beaches and coconuts?  Of course, drama presents itself along the way with weather, injuries, and human psyches, posing recurring challenges.

Tune in and enjoy.  If it motivates you to sign up for the next Eco-Challenge.  Too late.  The registration already passed.  Eco-Challenge Patagonia is forthcoming.  

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