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Setting your location on AMT

When we travel for leisure, we make every effort to take a leisurely pace. We avoid looking at our watches and try not to get annoyed by slow elevator rides, snarled traffic, and languid service. We don't mind roosting in remote locations. But when it's business that takes us away from home, all the above goes out the window.

The pace is fast, the itinerary set, and typically minutes matter. Often where we stay is dictated by external factors-company policies, customer location, personal budget, and/or room availability. And just because we may not get to stay at our top pick, we still want two key amenities: a fabulous workout and a good meal. Oh yeah, we also want it to be convenient!

This need to find exercise and meal options that are convenient to where we're staying is the whole point of our "set location" feature; which allows listings to be viewed according to distance. If you are lucky enough to be staying at one of our recommended hotels, you can rest assured that there are plenty of nearby options for eating, running, swimming and sweating.

But even if you've landed at another hotel in one of our covered cities, you can still quickly identify what athletic-minded pursuits are nearby. Any location can be entered. When you click on the Work Out, Eat Well or one of the other category tabs, listings will be accompanied by approximate mileage from the location you entered. Because there tend to be numerous Eat Well listings, this function is especially useful for finding restaurants, cafes, grocers and/or farmers' markets.

If you haven't signed up with us yet. Simply visit our site, go to the browse cities page and use the set location feature at the top right...look for the cool compass.

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