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Skip-Stop Elevators

Here's a new approach to creating a healthy work and learning environment: midrise office buildings without elevators--or more accurately, without elevators that stop on every floor. At the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (a Lower Manhattan private college), a new academic building slated to open in January 2009 will introduce students, faculty and visitors, to "skip-stop" elevators.

Though the building will offer classrooms and offices among 9 storys, its elevator will "skip" most floors and "stop" on only the 5th and 8th levels. Guess why? Yep, to not so gently compel an impromptu stair workout--I love it! But something tells me that coeds with classes on the 3rd floor will "skip" the WALK up and instead opt for a ride to 5, and an easier walk down.

The architect, Morphosis of Santa Monica, California, states that a freight elevator also will be available to comply with federal disability laws.

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