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Speed Golf - An Oxymoron?

I enjoy playing golf, but like so many others it's difficult for me to justify the 5 to 6 hour time-suck a traditional 18 holes requires.  I make the time when out-of-town relatives visit San Diego or we travel on holiday to destinations with a golf course.  But, on a normal week to week basis, dedicating 5 hours to chipping and putting is about as appealing to me as rehab is to Charlie Sheen.

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That's why I was thrilled when friends Paul Huddle and Bob Babbitt started organizing Speed Golf outings here in San Diego.  Unlike the traditional game where players walk or drive carts, Speed Golf is a cardiovascular workout where players carry only 3-4 clubs (including a putter) and run/jog to their ball after each stroke.  Instead of 5 hours, a round of 18 holes is easily completed in 1 hour and 15 minutes or less!!

Most of the same golf rules are followed except players can swing simultaneously and flag-pins are left in the cup during putting.  I have found that playing Speed Golf improves my game because it trains my mind to think less and body to be more relaxed.

Since we play after twilight or prior to sunrise (some guys wear a headlamp), the golf courses receive additional revenue/greens fees that would not be generated otherwise.  With a clear ROI, it's easy for management to approve a trial run to confirm that we repair ball marks, rake the bunkers and respect the opportunity to play.  Return visit requests are always granted.

So, "Speed Golf" is NOT an oxymoron.  This summer, consider approaching your local course with a Speed Golf pitch.  If approved, I guarantee you will have a blast, enjoy a good workout, and be thankful for the time savings. 

Here's a recent video taken at one of our outings--"yours truly" is in the gold shirt and Chicago Bears baseball cap.

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