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The fanny pack (crossbody bag) that you need for all your travels

Whether traveling across town or across the world, you need essentials on your person for the day or as long as you have the urge to explore. Athletic-minded traveler Jake has advice.

Why should you follow his advice? Because Jake has been traveling the world NON-STOP for the last 5 years. Okay, Jake, tell us what you have learned.

After the travel plans have been made, the fun of packing for the excursion begins. While I want to be active and ready for anything, I know I need to be strategic about what to pack, how to pack it, and most important, where to pack it. 

The fanny pack (or crossbody bag) is often all I need, and it took me FIVE purchases to settle on the one I have now. I see no reason to experiment any more!  This Aikendo, has the size, durability, and storage options to make it a sensible, budget friendly option that one can use 365 days of the year.

Especially when on day trips or on an airplane when I've checked a bag, I can lighten my load by using this bag only. Here's how I do it. 

  • In the front zippered pocket I carry my keys, a credit card, some cash in the currency of the country I am traveling in, and my noise-canceling earbuds in their hard case.
  • The second pocket has plenty of space for my Google Fi, Pixel 6, my mobile device of choice. 
  • In the bottom of this pocket I carry a small pen. (Some countries may still require you to complete some forms upon arrival.)
  • In the third hidden inside pocket, I carry spare currency from other countries. (At the moment I have US and Canadian dollars.)
  • The fourth and final pocket is home to my debit card, a spare credit card and some sort of ID, and if and when needed, my passport and my hard copy vaccine information.
  • Bonus, even with the above items packed, I have room for a small tube of sunscreen, chapstick and a protein bar.

I love this bag. I use it when I go walking, cycling, hiking...pretty much it is on me when I leave my "home" and head out into the world.  The zippers are sturdy and the straps are easily adjusted and stay in place! I haven't had to wash it yet, but I have cleaned it with a wet cloth. Still looks great after 2 months of constant use. 

Get it! My bag is the black one below :) 

About Jake:

Jacob Daniel Goertzen grew up on a Mennonite farm in Canada. He worked in the lumber industry, owned a trucking company, and began a hockey career as a volunteer bus driver. He eventually became the Chief Scout for the Tampa Bay Lightning, touring the world searching for talent and playing a part in winning The Stanley Cup in 2004. Post hockey life, Jake became a Bikram Yoga teacher and full-time, budget-conscious traveler.

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