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The Sniff Test: why this yoga mat is a winner.

It took a year before we were sold.

But even at the very beginning we took notice.  There was never, ever, a wet spot under our mat. Ever. Wow. We are BIG sweaters. Big. Ask anyone. We pour. At one point in our Bikram Yoga practice, we were offered a 3rd towel. We sweat that much. So having a mat completely impervious to liquid is a wonderful thing.

But it is what we noticed after a year that has made us believers.

Before our upgrade to a Manduka PROlite mat, transporting our mat to and fro was an exercise in "hot mat potato"; simply meaning we avoided at all costs ANY skin to mat contact.  Hand-to-mat contact resulted in smelly hands. And if we left our mat anywhere near our family members, we were scolded. Even after a thorough cleaning, the Bikram smell lingered and returned. If you're unfamiliar with "Eau de Bikram", think Fritos layered with stinky feet. 

So here we are, thankful that there is a mat that we can touch, use, and enjoy without the stink or wet spot. That mat is our trusty Manduka PROlite. It's not cheap. And that is why it took us so long (10 years!!) to upgrade. We were under the incorrect assumption that pretty much all mats are the same. $78 is steep. But if it lasts for years and years, it's a worthy investment.

Did we mention that we never clean it and still no stink. We do hang it up to dry after each class. But that's it.

So if you happen to spy a mat with the Manduka logo, give it the sniff test. Then you'll know. It's like squeezing the just have to do it.

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No doubt it is a worthy

No doubt it is a worthy investment, a mat that absorbs sweat is a blessing for people like me. I secrete excessive sweat during m cardio exercises

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