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What do Michelle Obama and the Chicago Bulls have in common?

What do Michelle Obama and the Chicago Bulls have in common? Chicago? Well there is that...

But what really stands out is the recent effort by our first lady and the fab bball team to help kids get healthy.

The Bulls take no bull when it comes to fitness!
Just this week the Chicago Bulls proudly unveiled the FIRST of 25 fitness centers that will open in select Chicago Public Schools. The red and black "EnergizaBulls" centers will be stocked with fitness equipment, Nintendo Wii's and other fun tools. The effort is a partnership with the local YMCA, which will track students activity and help monitor progress.

First Lady Obama means business with businesses!
Michelle Obama is using her clout to get software and video game designers behind her "Let's Move" campaign. Obama is helping to promote "The Apps for Healthy Kids" contest which will award prize money to developers who can design games/programs to get kids excited about being healthy.

We love seeing our government and private groups getting creative about healthy living -- especially for kids! Click here to read our post on healthy parenting.

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