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Deshima Lunchroom and Organic Grocery

Weteringschans 65
Amsterdam 1017 RX
20-423-0391websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Amsterdam

For those in search of a "look before you buy" joint, this macrobiotic, vegan eatery is a find. Diners can enjoy an array of soups, grains, sea veggies, tempura, salads and more. The place is rather small, but cozy too. Take-away service is offered every day but Sunday.  The prices are affordable, but if you are not vegan or follow a macrobiotic diet, you may not be as impressed. For those getting take out, sandwiches and sushi are also a possibility.

Vegan, NO MEAT, Organic Grocery located downstairs
Open M-F 10a to 6p; Sat 10a to 5p.
Nearest Tram stop is Rijksmuseum

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