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Ceintuurbaan 149
Amsterdam 1072 GB
31 20 789 3080websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Amsterdam

Their mantra is "Eat. Share. Live." And they execute it by offering a behind the counter salad bar for health conscious folk. (Sla means lettuce in Dutch!). Customizers will particularly enjoy the process or being able to pick and choose from an abundance of 100% organic meats, poultry, grains and 90% organic veggies. The space is cheerful with white walls, round wooden tables and chairs and high ceilings. There are quite a few of the eateries around the city.

The menu is simple: salads, wraps, juices, soups and snacks. Pick your greens, then veggies, nuts and grains. Salmon and other protein will make it a meal. Three different types of hummus are typically offered along with veggies for dipping.

Open daily 11:30a-9p

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