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Amstel 20
Amsterdam 1017 AA
20-330-6882websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Amsterdam

The bright, modern and casual sushi eatery is located across River Amstel in a historic building. There is a long counter as well as table seating. Zushi employs the conveyor belt system, so for those who like to view their food before noshing, you'll enjoy the process. The menu offers an array of cooked and vegetarian dishes. It likely won't wow you, but it's open everyday, the pricing is friendly, and it's 100% non-smoking.

The menu is divided into two parts, sushi (which will be on the conveyor belt) and everything else, meaning those items that must be ordered via the waitstaff. In addition to a large selection of maki, temaki, gunkan, nigiri and sashimi, you'll also find seaweed salad, edamame, spinach salad, miso soup, dumplings, sesame chicken, tempura, and grilled items such as chicken, scallops and lamb.

Vegetarian friendly
Open M-F 5p-10p; Fri-Sun 12p-10p
Take out available

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