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In this sports crazy town, the locals (male and female alike) can happily relay last night's game rundown, including scores, highlights and favorite players' stats. The Red Sox get most of the ink, but Bostonians love their multiple Super Bowl Champion Patriots, 80's dynasty Celtics and the "Big Bad Bruins." While these teams capture headlines throughout the year, a "little" race on Patriot's Day puts Beantown on the running world's map too. Boston without athletics would be like having peanut butter without jelly, a workout without sweat, yin with no yang.

But do not mistake Boston natives for simple-minded sports fans. Despite their funny accents, these season ticket holders are likely to showcase diplomas from the esteemed hometown institutions of Harvard, MIT, Wellsley, Boston University, Tufts and Boston College. Quantum physics, Black-Scholes option pricing and Newton's laws of motion are easily understood by this high IQ crew, if only they could devise a systematic scheme to defeat those darn Yankees!