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Potbelly Sandwich Works (OSU)

10 E. 11th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201
614-299-0617websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Columbus, OH

Located in the South Campus Gateway, this sandwich shop with its homey decor, wooden booths and friendly vibe, is a crowd pleaser--as long as sandwiches are your thing. This particular shop offers open mic night every Thursday!

Potbelly divides the AMT editorial staff. Some praise the toasted sandwiches and tasty fixings, not to mention stellar shakes and smoothies, but others complain that there is nothing for those who are doing the low-carb, high veggie thing. So you decide, but if you like sandwiches, we think you'll enjoy Potbelly. Select from about a dozen choices including turkey breast, vegetarian, Italian, pizza, roast beef, chicken salad, smoked ham and the "wreck." Potbelly now offers wheat bread and the option to have it made "skinny" meaning that the bread is sliced a second time, thereby reducing the carbs!

Open for lunch and dinner daily 11a to 10p.

Delivery Zone: ($ fee) North to Morse Rd, South to Nationwide Blvd, East to Cleveland Ave, West to Kenny Rd

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