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Spiral Diner and Bakery (Vegan)

1101 N Beckley Ave.
Dallas, TX 75203
214-948-4747websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Downtown

They had us at "bowl of broccoli". One thing that we look for in our selections of Eat Well options is a good sides listing. We know that athletic-minded travelers like to add on and customize their meal. This vegan eatery in Dallas offers a bevy of plantbased eats including a nice bowl -- small OR large -- of grilled broccoli.  While Spiral touts "vegan comfort food", what we find comfort in is the eclectic and casual space that is adorned with images of the employees, softly colored accent walls, exposed brick and ductwork and kitschy diner-esque touches. The menu is all vegan and has both lighter and heartier fare.

Appetizers that we gravitate to include the aforementioned grilled broccoli, chips and guacamole, and spinach seitan quesadilla. There are 8+ burgers listed including the "Big Kahuna" with grilled pineapple, home made "bacun", and pickled jalapenos and mango. The "El Paso" comes with chipotle mayo, picked jalapenos, red onion and guacamole. YOU choose the patty: "Classic" made of soy and wheat protein, "Cashew Quinoa", "Portobello Cap" or the Beyond Burger.  Other menu highlights include the meatball sub, tofu club, "Ate Layer Burrito", "Bunny Bowl" of veggies and choice of protein, and the "Perfect Protein Platter". Don't fear, there is a whole menu section devoted to salads!! We think the "All Raw" sounds rad. 

And guess what else, there is a "breakfast all day" menu!  Breakfast quesadilla, tofu scrambles, and a take on Migas. If you come for the weekend brunch, you can dive into pancakes that come in three order sizes and can be customized with fruit and other add-ins.

Open Tues-Fri 11a-10p; Sat/Sun 9a-10p; Closed Mondays

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