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Edmonton is a city with many "faces" , it's the capital of Alberta and the oil capital of Canada; it's celebrated as the "Festival City"; it's home to the largest mall in North America and home to the National Hockey League's Oilers. But, as the most northerly city in North America that we presently cover (and, with no immediate plans to snowshoe up to Anchorage, sorry Alaskans), we believe this city's unique climate characteristics are worthy of some online ink.

Those venturing to Edmonton for the first time may assume its location 320 miles north of the Montana border brings frigid cold during December, January and February. Surprisingly, winter's bite is tempered by warm Chinook winds breezing over the Canadian Rocky Mountains, as frequently as 30 days each winter season. Amazingly, Chinooks can raise temperatures 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. True, Edmonton does get cold, January's average high is 18F. However, locals will happily stay put citing harsher conditions in American cities like Minneapolis and Madison.

In addition to Edmonton's unique Chinook winds, its long summer days are another unique climate characteristic , and one that's perfect for athletic-minded travelers. Imagine living and training in a city with 17 hours of daylight! Dusk doesn't settle in until 11 p.m. during June, affording locals and visitors a well lit path for a 1-hour jog two strokes before midnight. July and August bring somewhat shorter days, but outdoor workouts are not shrouded in darkness till 10 p.m. And for those who prefer a morning sweat you can roll out of bed before 5 a.m. and "see the light", and, maybe a few people mowing their lawns.