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Stardust Terrace Cafe by Hoaglin (Indiana Historical Society)

450 W Ohio St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
317-234-0095websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Downtown

This gourmet caterer operates this quick and casual cafe located in the Indiana Historical Society. The setting is casual cozy with white pillars, grey chairs and a brown and white tiled floor.  It's located right by the central canal.  Order at the counter and count on very fresh creations.

The café menu changes daily but count on all sorts of high quality eats like a ham and cheese waffles, bacon and egg sandwich, breakfast grilled cheese, regular waffle,  salads (field greens with steak; Asian chicken, Southwestern), and salads that can be made into a wrap. Other eats include basil chicken club, veggie bagel, buffalo chicken wrap, hummus sandwich, quiche, soups and sides (mixed greens, fruit salad, cous cous). 

Open M-Sat 11a-3p; Closed Sundays.

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