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Frame (Queens Park)

27 Beethoven St.
London W10 4LG
0208 960 4849website
Area: London, UK

What we love about this unique workout venue is that all classes are designed so you can drop in at any time. There is a HUGE variety of classes offered (even classes for the kids!): Abs, Boxing, Body Conditioning, Cardio conditioning, dancing, Barre, Spinning, Pilates, Yoga...Check the website to hone in on what you like. Drill down by category. For example you can select "Yoga" and then select the style you prefer. You can then see the times that classes are offered. If this is too overwhelming, go straight to the "Timetable" tab and investigate based upon class times. 

The Queens Park (West London) location has 4 studios, which means there are potentially 4 class options as ONE time. Boredom is not an option. For those who are super organized, you can sign up for a class online.

We also like that the facility is equipped with changing rooms and showers. Hair dryers, straighteners, as well as shampoo & conditioner are stocked. Hooray. Less to carry. Towels are also available for 1 pound. If you are taking a yoga class, Frame will supply you with a yoga mat.  Energy bars, popcorn, coconut water and other drinks are available for purchase.

Pricing varies based on "peak" & length of sweat.

30 MINS - £9 (OFF-PEAK £7)
45 MINS - £11 (OFF-PEAK £8)
60 MINS - £12 (OFF-PEAK £10)
YOGA - £13 (OFF-PEAK £11)
VIBE - £16 (OFF-PEAK £14)


Work Out Onsite

HoursMon-Fri: 7am - 10pm Sat: 9am - 4.30pm Sun: 10am - 6.15pm

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