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Silver Accenture PreferredGrange Holborn

50 Southampton Row
London WC1B 4AR
-020-7242-1800websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Mid City

Even though you'll be happier staying in other parts of town, this Holborn-area hotel will keep your healthy lifestyle in check. Don't misread our message: the location of this hotel is certainly safe, popular and worthy of consideration. If you have business in the area it becomes a no brainer). Given a choice, we would opt for a hotel closer to the hotter spots. GH's 201 rooms are a mix of bold red and neutral colors along with rosewood furnishings. Since the guest rooms are spacious by London standards, you'll appreciate having a place to stay with character.

The lower level workout facility is impressive. Ignore the low ceiling and focus your attention on GH's fleet of Precor cardio machines. Almost all the pieces are top-of-the-line models that will make you sweat and smile. In addition to 4 separate weight machines, strength buffs have free weights and a respectable dumbbell set (weighing up to 20 kgs.) at their disposal. The machines are positioned somewhat tightly among one another, so be prepared to "rub elbows" with a fellow athletic-minded traveler. Swimmers should look to our off-site recommendations.

GH's indoor pool is 15 meters in length, but its Roman Art Deco style and cross shape doesn't include lap lines or bottom stripes.

Nearest Tube Stop: Holborn (3 blocks)

Work Out Onsite

Treadmills4 Precor
Upright Bike3 Precor
Elliptical2 Precor
Stepper1 Precor
Rowing2 Concept 2
Dumbbells1-20kgs. (~40 lbs.)
Free WeightsYes
Machines4 Precor
In / OutIndoor
Lap?Not Lap

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