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Harvey Nichols Food Hall

109 Knightsbridge
London SW1X 7RJ
207-235-5000websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: London, UK

The food hall is located on the 5th floor and is quite upscale and expensive relative to other food halls. All areas are modern and bright with clean lines and stylish touches. There is an upscale and elegant restaurant on one side of the floor, along with a very trendy and spacious bar. 

Foodies and salad lovers, however, may appreciate the Detox Kitchen deli, also situated in the 5th floor Food Hall. With both take-out as well as eat-in options, the Detox Kitchen offers a wide selection of delicious salads, fish, herbal teas, and fresh juices, among other things to those travelers looking for healthy options. Additionally, all of the Detox Kitchen’s fresh ingredients are completely wheat, dairy and sugar free. 

General food hall: Open daily Mon to Sat from 10a to 8p; Sundays from noon to 6p

Detox Kitchen Deli: Open daily Mon to Sat from 10a to 8p; Sundays from 11a to 6p

Entrance from outside store by express lift from Sloane St.

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