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Silver Hilton on Park Lane

22 Park Lane
London W1K 1BE
-020-7493-8000websitePrice: Expensive
Area: Mayfair/Hyde Park

This 28-story high rise hotel overlooks the southeast corner of Hyde Park, very convenient for joggers. However, the hotel's adjacent location to other commercial and residential buildings means a few block walk is required to reach any store, restaurant or retail business. The nearest Tube stop (Hyde Park) is also a 3-4 block walk.

Entry-level rooms measure 237 square-feet (small but not bad for London), but upgrading to the Deluxe level rooms almost doubles your living space (430 s.f.). Décor is simple yet tasteful with mostly cream and beige tones. Marble baths are a nice touch.

We're not going to mislead you: this Hilton receives our recommendation primarily for its splendid on-site gym. Boasting a "Gym by Precor," exercise fiends will enjoy finding a fabulous assortment of sparkling cardio and strength machines, dumbbells and weight balls. The round, capsule-like space with high ceilings is a refreshing departure from the typical square gyms with mirrors on one wall and bland paint on the others. Our only gripe with the gym is its lower level location. Natural light is nowhere to be found. Complimentary access is granted and a day spa is also available for massage and salon-type services.

Swimmers must look to an off-site location (no pool here), Virgin Active Mayfair is the closest.

Runners, as mentioned, you'll be across the street from the best jogging paths in London, take advantage of Hyde Park!

Work Out Onsite

Treadmills5 Precor
Upright Bike2 Precor
Recumbent Bike2 Precor
Elliptical2 Precor
Rowing2 Concept 2
Dumbbells~5 to 100 lbs. some skipping
Machines4 Precor

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