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Guess which "house" is the most visited in the United States. If you thought, "the White House," good job! Now, which house do you think is the runner-up? If you said, "Graceland," you are correct. Elvis' 1957 purchase receives more than 600,000 visitors annually. Dead or alive, the King continues to be Memphis' most popular tourist attraction, but this birthplace of Blues and Rock and Roll offers travelers a whole lot more.

Strolling along famous Beale Street, you will encounter an assortment of music and entertainment options ranging from large scale nightclubs to hole in the wall bars. Food is a big attraction too, featuring some of the best barbeque in the world! Our favorite is served at Rendezvous ( or 888-hogsfly), known for its charcoal-broiled dry ribs and other finger lickin' BBQ dishes. But do not show up hungry on a Sunday or Monday, the hogs are grounded, and the restaurant is closed.

Finally, if you are Downtown during the summer and a baseball fan, taking in a Memphis Redbird game at Autozone Park is a treat. The AAA stadium holds over 20,000 fans, is located within a short walk of most hotels, and is a fascinating experience for the sport's purists.

So slip on those blue suede shoes when it's time to have some Memphis fun and lace up a second pair for your elliptical, stepper, bike, or run.