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Too hot or too cold is the common visitor complaint about this extreme climate city. Interestingly, Minneapolis' all-time record high and low temperatures occurred in the same year, 1936 (July 108F, Jan. -34F).

Although locals learn to tolerate Minneapolis' muggy summer nights and bitter winter days, first-timers to this city's heart need only pack for 70 degrees no matter what time of year. Huh? Downtown guests can find sanctuary in nearly seven miles of indoor skybridges networked throughout Minneapolis' office high-rises, shops, restaurants, apartments and hotels. Weather wimps can conduct their city business without ever breaking a sweat or donning a heavy coat. Acrophobes (fear of heights) can take comfort that their perch above terra firma is usually a mere one story.

But beware! Foot-traffic congestion is a surprising rush hour reality in this above-ground world, especially on those extreme climate days. If the overhead signs fail to point you in the right direction and you find yourself frazzled in the maze, ask for directions. Despite their frequently frigid town, Minnesotans are some of the warmest folk in the country.