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Garden Cafe (NW)

810 West Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32804
407-999-9799websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Orlando, FL

The d├ęcor is nothing to shout about, but this eatery is a vegetarian haven with its big and flavorful Asian menu created by a well-known chef. The setting is bright and casual with ample windows, white walls and curtains, standard Chinese restaurant chairs and white table cloths.

While there are plenty of veggies, tofu and mock meats on this menu, many items are fried. Do yourself a favor and stick to the equally flavorful grilled and steamed preparations as well as the light soups. The menu reads like a typical Chinese restaurant with some additions like a penne pasta with veggies and a portabello mushroom sandwich.

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly
Open daily for lunch and dinner. Weekday lunch begins at 11a; noon on weekends
No Meat

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