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Morning Glory Diner (10th & Fitzwater)

735 S 10th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
215-413-3999websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Philadelphia, PA

This neighborhood eatery prides itself on fresh takes on familiar foods and offers a diverse menu of breakfast and lunch eats. The vibe is welcoming, friendly and a little hip. Come during the week to avoid the wait, and if you're on your own look for a seat at the counter.

Breakfast includes eggs, tofu scramble, frittatas, burritos, pancakes, fruit, waffles, challah French toast and granola. The sides list is plentiful and will please customizers. The lunch menu adds soups, hummus, entrée salads (including spinach, chicken and chef), sandwiches, and burgers. Examples of the more unique dishes include a grilled ahi tuna BLT, seitan chicken cheese steak, a shrimp salad sandwich and a turkey monte cristo. The weekend brunch menu is more about breakfast than lunch. Count on nearly all the weekday breakfast fare with the addition of the spinach and chef salads and several of the sandwiches.

Vegetarian friendly

Open 7 to 4 pm (M-F), 8 to 3 pm Weekend Brunch; Waits on weekends

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