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2000 Smallman St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412-261-6565websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Downtown

Kaya has a festive vibe with its Caribbean decor that is modern and cool. The lounge area is narrow and long with stool seating along the bar and tables along the back wall. The dining area is somewhat away from the bustle of the bar and the menus change daily but count on a selection of small plates and other Spanish/Cuban/Asian inspired dishes. The preparations favor heartier eaters, but as long as light eaters like seafood, Kaya won't let you down. Kaya also offers a monthly fixed price vegetarian dinner. Check the site for details and a recent menu.

All vegetarian options are noted on the menus. While the menus will change, light eaters can typically count on two entrée salads with grilled fish or chicken as the protein, a vegetable curry or stir fry type creation, a veggie burger and some other vegetarian friendly sandwich such as grilled seitan. Hearty eaters can sample the Jamaican jerk wings, quesadillas or salmon crab cakes before selecting from the several entrées and gourmet style sandwiches such as the Kaya burger or pulled pork wrap. The dinner menu features a handful of ceviches. What can be lighter than fresh fish, veggies, lime and chiles? There is typically a veggie option as well. Next on the dinner menu are about a dozen small plates. There are also about a dozen entrée options which include grilled and pan roasted fish, Cuban inspired meat, paella, pork and several interesting veggie creations.

Vegetarian friendly
Open for lunch and dinner daily. Lunch begins at 11:30a. Sunday brunch 11a-3p.

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