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Vivace & Mia Francesca (North Hills, Raleigh)

2412 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh, NC 27607
919-821-2133websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Raleigh-Durham, NC

Yes, we are recommending 2 restaurants here. Both are Italian, upscale, and very close to one another. So, if one is booked, try the other. It's all about options when you travel. We like is that both spaces are stylish and comfortable and that the menus cover the Italian bases and go for the outfield with fresh fish, entree salads and veggie sides. 

If pressed, we'd likely give the nod to Mia Francesca over Vivace. Mia has better salad options (can add chicken, scallops, shrimp, salmon or calamari to any of them), and carpaccio. We think any upscale Italian should offer carpaccio! Dinner menu items include gourmet pizzas, various pastas and plenty of fish and meat. The "Agnello con Rucola" at Mia's appeals with its ahi tuna, grilled corn, tomatoes, fresno chiles, grilled lemon, and aged balsamic. Vivace offers a grilled salmon chop with lemon, cucumber and red onion.

Both restaurants also offer brunch menus. At Vivace's Sunday Brunch, it's mostly savory (entree salads, pannini, pastas, pizza) with a few traditional breakfast offerings like eggs "your way", bacon, poached egg hash, and frittatas. Mia Francsca's weekend brunch offers salads, pizza, pastas, egg creations (soft poached eggs over crispy risotto, baked frittata style eggs with prosciutto, omelets), as well as pancakes and French toast.

Mia Francesca: Lunch M-F 11a-3p; Dinner nightly starting at 3p; Weekend brunch 10a-3p

Vivace: Open for lunch and dinner M-Th: 11a-10p; Fri/Sat until 11p; Sunday 11a-9p. Brunch menu Sunday only

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