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Bronze Little America

500 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
801-363-6781websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Downtown

Once a 1950's truck stop, the now 850-room hotel offers a variety of sleeping arrangements. Literally in the shadow of the luxurious Grand, Little America offers the same convenient location at more thrifty rates. Travelers can select among 3 room options: Courtside, Garden and Tower, with the first 2 falling into our less expensive category. These budget friendly quarters are housed in separate buildings spread across a square-block parking lot, which gives them a motor-lodge vibe.

Courtside rooms open to the outside and offer 1 queen or 2 double beds. Garden units are a little larger and can be reserved with 1 king or 2 queen beds. The rooms are traditionally styled, tidy and comfortable.

In Little America's upscale Tower, the workout center is surprisingly extensive. The large room houses new cardio and strength equipment and is cheery and attractively decorated. Although upright bikes and ellipticals flew the coop, Little America's remaining endurance machines are forehead sweatin' good. In addition, its multiple stack-loaded stations and ample range dumbbell set make full-body conditioning achievable.

Swimmers, your fun awaits at the Wagner JCC. Allow 5 minutes by taxi or car and have $16 ready.

Note: Little America guests may access Grand America's spa and fitness center for $10/day, the same price paid by those staying at the Grand!

Work Out Onsite

Treadmills5 StarTrac
Recumbent Bike4 StarTrac
Stepper1 Reebok
Dumbbells5-50 lbs
Machines5 Cybex
In / OutIn/Out
Lap?Not Lap
Hours4a to 11p
Extras$10/day pass Grand America

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