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New Yorker Restaurant & Cafe

60 West Market Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
801-363-0166websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Salt Lake City, UT

Part of a half dozen restaurants owned by the Gastronomy Group, the New Yorker is still flush with seafood dishes, but offers more non-seafood options than the others in the group. With dark woods, white tablecloths, and yellow walls, the restaurant has a classy and sophisticated ambiance. For more casual dining, there is also a café here too.

The New Yorker is not as seafood based as the other restaurants owned by the same company, and offers a grilled steak salad, Caesar salad, and two types of Cobb salad (with chicken or lobster). There are sandwiches and about eight or nine main courses featuring seafood spaghetti, fish and chips, veal, and Alaskan halibut. There is also a two course prix-fixe lunch offered. Dinner features appetizers ranging from fried calamari to escargot. Salads include Tuscan, Caesar, mixed greens, and arugula with radicchio and granny smith apple. Count on around 10 to 12 entrées, including seafood, pheasant, steak, and grilled chicken.

The café has a small menu and offers "snacks" such as pepper seared ahi, filet mignon skewers, lamb burger sliders, salads (Cobb and Thai chicken), grilled chicken over penne, seafood spaghetti, and roasted chicken.

Reservations suggested for restaurant

The cafe and restaurant are open Mon-Sat at 11:30a for lunch and dinner.  Restaurant is closed 2-5:30p everyday. Both are closed on Sundays.

Located right downtown in the historic New York Building.
Valet parking is available.

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