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Salt Lake City Power Yoga

250 E Broadway
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
If you see a building that looks like black-box situated on top of some stores, you’re in the right place. The former office building was converted into a yoga studio, and the plentiful windows from the inside looking out make it hip and cool. The zen décor in the lobby is contrasted by the bright orange couches, consistent with their trendy logo that you will see on the exterior of the building as well as in multiple interior places. This location also includes a spacious locker room with showers, cubbies, and private lockers. 
Drop-in is $20. Mat and towels are free for your first rental and then are $1 each.  A Traveling Yogi Special is offered, 7 days of unlimited yoga with towel and mat rentals included for $49. Classes are offered from 60-75 min daily starting at 6a and ending with a class at 8:45p. Weekend classes start at 8a with last classes on Sat 5:15p and Sun 8:45p. Check the schedule online for updates and specific class times, as times are subject to change.   
About the Yoga
If you enjoy power yoga or are interested in trying it, you will not be disappointed with the classes. SLC Power Yoga offers a multitude of classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yogis all ranging from 85-90 degrees at about 40% humidity. These 9 classes are Foundations of Power Yoga, PowerHour, Power Flow (45 min), Community Yoga ($7 class taught by new intructors), PowerRestore, Candlelight Flow, PowerSculpt, PowerHouse, Hot-Pilates, and Litte Yogi (for children 3+). Some classes offer music, while others don’t. If this is a concern for you and your practice, feel free to call ahead of class to ask. 

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