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Group Rides from Mellow Velo Bike Shop

132 E. Marcy St.
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Area: Santa Fe

Our local athletic-minded traveler recommends the Saturday and Sunday mornings group rides for stronger riders (cat 1 or 2). Details below. However, the link that we are giving goes to Mellow Velo's page on additional group rides that are "no drop" and less intense. So choose your group flavor!

For those who want to be seriously challenged, the Bike N’ Ride Sport Racing team and RA/BMC Team sponsors a ride on Saturday and Sunday mornings. These rides leave Mellow Velo Bike Shop at 9:00am. Rides are long --  between 50 to 60 miles at a minimum. These rides are characterized as spirited and on a A level. They are for the most part drop rides so knowing the general route is important. Most of the participants are racers and are training. The Santa Fe road riders periodically have rides on level A,B and C. Their rides can generally be found on their facebook page. The only rides that are going on in a consistent manner are the rides leaving from Mellow Velo on the weekend.

But again, check the link for other rides. 

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