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Jambo Cafe

2010 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505
505-473-1269websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Santa Fe

Don't fret the strip mall location, because our local source tells us that this small, African/Caribbean café will not disappoint. The place is casual but artsy with reddish walls and floors, ethnic artwork and basic black chairs and glass-topped tables.

The menu offers sandwiches, salads and specialty platters. It's unique.  For those looking to keep their meal light and healthy, you'll appreciate the spiced rubbed salmon salad over baby greens or the roasted vegetable salad with a habanero-papaya vinaigrette. The sides listing affords some good customizing options with sweet potato french fries, rice & beans, sauteed spinach, roti, and cucumber with mint sauce. Other appealing menu items include the hummus plate, spice rubbed lamb pita sandwich, grilled shrimp skewer (perfect accompaniment to the salads), grilled jerk chicken, marinated, grilled red snapper and the East African coconut lentil stew.

It's pretty small

Open Mon-Sat 11a to 9p; Closed Sundays

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