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After clicking the TV remote to CSPAN recently, we noticed that many D.C. politicians would benefit from our constructive travel suggestions. Though Democrats and Republicans are working hard to tighten the nation's financial belt, they certainly are not doing the same with the belts around their waists. Maybe that's best, the longer it takes our delegates to move from one floor to the next, the less problems they can create.

A laggard pace is not confined to the halls of Congress; it is standard for what visitors can expect in this logistics and commuting nightmare. Multitudes of one-way streets change direction throughout the day, French-inspired round-about intersections congest like feline hairballs, confusing taxi fares vary according to geographical zones and hawk-like parking enforcers swoop in with tickets simultaneous to meters ticking "empty." So forgo the car keys and this headache. Embrace the convenient and user-friendly metro train system which transports riders to virtually every D.C. sightseeing and business destination.

In a town filled with heated debates, wheeling-n-dealing and strong opinions, we don't care whether you side with the donkeys or the elephants as long as you work out like a horse.