Hurry the Curry

Over the last week I?ve seen the following headline a number of times: ?Curry and Onions May Prevent Colon Cancer.? While the caption is right to a certain extent--test subjects who were at higher risk for polyps than the general population did demonstrate a lower incidence of polyp occurrence--it?s more complicated than simply loading up on onion rings and hitting the Indian buffet.

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Turning 40 means free java!

As many of you already know, Peet's Coffee is an editorial staff favorite (You can check out our recent caffeine post for more insights). We love the strong spicy brew and the cool vibe at their stores. In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Peet's will be offering free coffee and tea throughout the month of April! So if you are fortunate to have a Peet's in your hood, head over from 1 pm to 3 pm and enjoy one on the house!

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Kudos to Starbucks

I am admittedly a coffee snob as well as a coffee addict. Note that I write "coffee" versus "caffeine." For me it's all about the taste and the "event"--getting the coffee, sipping the coffee, smelling the coffee, lingering over coffee and tasting coffee. One of my very dear friends once commented that at restaurants, I am often so worried about my next re-fill that I can't enjoy the one I have. I've fixed that. I order my coffee in an extra large mug, or a huge take-out cup or request the pot.

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Best Energy Bars, AMT top picks

Energy bars may have been created to fuel athletes through grueling training sessions and endurance races, but over time these tasty nutrition bricks have evolved into a favorite snack, meal replacement, and/or emergency food for those on the go.

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How lucky am I?

I am not sure how my ?lucky thing? evolved. Throughout my life I have always seen and actually really believed that certain things were a sign of good luck:

? I always stop to pick up a ?heads up? penny lying on the ground and make a wish
? Contrary to popular belief (maybe because I grew up in the Southern Hemisphere), black cats are one of the ultimate lucky symbols.

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Ode to Joe

It was when we moved to San Diego in 2001 that I first visited a Trader Joe?s grocery store, and while I immediately appreciated the friendly pricing, it took a good year before I was totally converted. That?s about how long it took me to hone in on my favorite, and now essential, TJ items.

I have also discovered that those who find fault with the TJ concept have not really ?experienced? Trader Joe?s. They?ve tried it out once or twice and then complain that:

It?s too small.

Exactly, why I like it.

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