The Best Time to be in Las Vegas

This coming Thursday and Friday (March 16 and 17) are the two best days of the year to travel to Las Vegas. No, it?s not for perfect weather conditions?average highs in mid March are still below 70 degrees.

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No more emergency workouts!

It still amazes me just how many travelers make do with less than perfect workout conditions. The last business traveler I spoke to said he always packs his "roller" so he can do his push-ups and ab workout no matter where he is, and that his idea of a hotel cardio session is running up and down flights of stairs. I commend the motivation!

After traveling back and forth from Chicago to the Detroit area for 3+ years when I worked at Bank One, I can sympathize. I packed my Tae-Bo video, a jump rope and a stretch band.

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Travel Trump Style

What if I told you that you could get from Manhattan to La Guardia, Kennedy or Newark in about 8 minutes?

Yep, that?s right. US Helicopter (the only DOT and FAA certified scheduled helicopter airline service) will begin shuttling paying customers from Downtown to JFK this month. The Midtown heliport will commence its round trip service to JFK in April. In June La Guardia will be added and later this year, Newark. Departure times are on the hour from 7 am to 7 pm.

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Best Hotel Gyms

Whether you're traveling on business and want to find the best hotel gym in Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, or Dallas; or, have a little vacation time and are in search of the best hotel gyms in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, or San Diego, this site has you covered.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Over the past weekend a couple of us were in Los Angeles researching new venues, updating others, and adding photo images. Learning of the two feet of snow in New York, we were happy to be close to home and beneath the 80 degree sunshine of LA LA land.

Like Las Vegas, Los Angeles is one of those cities that each time I go, I wonder, "What unique experience am I going to have this time?" It's one of those destinations where the unusual is the norm (in a good way, of course).

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From the Road, TheHotel in VEGAS

Two nights and 3 days in Vegas--more than enough time to see the sights, check out a new hotel, get some work done, sweat, and have a little fun...not necessarily in that order. As part of a business gig, I landed at TheHotel in the Mandalay Bay, an all-suite, swank experience. In fact, TheHotel's entrance alone is worth noting.

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Stay & Play in Tempe Arizona

You would think that, as the race director for Ironman Arizona, I'd be staying at our host hotel, the Tempe Mission Palms, every time I was in town. While I'd very much like it if that was the case, it's not.

The Tempe Mission Palms Hotel is THE place to stay if you have business in Tempe.

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Do Good Travel, Biloxi continued

I've received another travel update from Caitlin, my volunteering friend. She's currently in Biloxi helping to rebuild homes devastated by Katrina. If you missed the first entry, you can click here. From Caitlin:

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Traveling for a cause

My very good friend Caitlin is a traveling fiend. She travels for pleasure, for business, and most unique, for others... She has ventured to India, West Virginia, and other far-flung locales in order to do nothing more than be of service to others. Caitlin is now in Biloxi rebuilding homes that were devastated by Katrina.

She relayed this story today.

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Another great workout on the road

In case you were wondering, we do practice what we preach. I just returned from a fabulous workout at the Holmes Place Athletic Club in Chicago. A couple thousand yard swim in a true lap pool and a quick free-weight strength session is a perfect start to my Saturday morning.

Access to this toney club was not granted to Erin and me because we're two famous travel experts--we wish. All Embassy Suites Chicago Lakefront guests receive the sweat perk for a $10 fee. And the club is less than a block away, so that walk over this morning in the below-zero wind-chill was no sweat.

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