Tour of California Video Interview Fun

Our Athletic-Minded Traveler video crew had a blast interviewing cyclists, mechanics, fans, and even the podium ladies at the Tour of California's final stage in San Diego. Everyone was happy to talk to us, even the time-crunched and focused riders.

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Do Swimmers Live Longer than Runners?

Results from a recent University of South Carolina study lead by Professor Steven N. Blair may create waves in the running community.

After thoroughly examining medical and physical activity data on 40,000 men (ages 20 to 90), Dr. Blair and his crew have concluded that in addition to having 53% lower mortality rates than their sedentary peers (no big surprise there), swimmers ALSO have a 49% lower mortality rate than runners! In other words, according to the findings, swimmers have a 49% better chance of staying alive this year than runners.

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Unrealistic Bike Ship Policy at Southwest

Ask a Southwest Airlines representative about the cost to check your bike on board and their first response will be, "It's free." But a closer look at the bike-check policy reveals box requirements that are unrealistic:

Non-motorized Bicycles, including Bike Friday and Co-Pilot, will be accepted in substitution of a free piece of checked baggage at no additional charge provided the bicycle is properly packaged and the box containing the bicycle fits within the 62-inch sizing limit and weighs 50 lbs or less .

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Clif and Luna Bars Recalled - CostCo on Top of It

Clif Bar is voluntarily recalling its products due to the salmonella/peanut butter outbreak. Click here for the FDA Notice.

Surprisingly, I learned of the recall from Costco. An auto-call system telephoned my home notifying me that Costco records showed I recently purchased Clif Bars from them and I should be aware of the recall.

How's that for customer service and data organization!!

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Mumbai Athletic-Minded Connections

One of my friends was in Mumbai for the Grand Opening of India's first Bikram Yoga studio. Bollywood stars and local dignitaries (along with approx. 25 American representatives) gathered at the Mumbai Marriott hotel for a 10pm Bikram Yoga demonstration and party to follow on Wednesday night.

Grenades exploded and guns were fired at the nearby domestic airport just as the yoga festivities began (airport shootings were not covered by the media).

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Special K cereal - Cure for Restless Leg Syndrome and More?

Over the past few years (and after thousands of bike and run miles), I've battled with a mild case of Restless Leg Syndrome. Typically for me, it presents at night, when I'm in bed and just dozing off. Suddenly, this difficult to describe tingling/spasm feeling pierces my leg around the knee causing a jerky, unconscious reflex of my entire leg. Only my right leg is affected.

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Pop Quiz: What are the top 10 health foods according to the Mayo Clinic?

The Mayo Clinic recently released its top 10 "best bets" for eating well. They are in alphabetical order (bummer, we'd prefer rankings!).

Here they are:

Red beans
Sweet potatoes
Vegetable juice
Wheat germ

Positive traits of the above include: fiber, vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, proven ability to reduce risk of heart disease and other yucky conditions, low in calorie density, and easily found at your local supermarket.

Athletic-Minded Traveler Notes:

Wheat Germ?

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Cheap yoga clothes no more. Marika Group files for bankruptcy.

One of our favorite listings under our Gear Up tab for San Diego was the outlet at the Marika Manufacturing facility. Fitness fanatics could find workout apparel for as little as $5! I don't think I've paid more than $10 for an item ever!

So several weeks ago when I heard that the outlet was going out of business, I wondered what that meant for the Group and the manufacturing facility based here.

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Ignorance is NOT bliss. Get healthy with knowledge. Yum is doing it.

Yesterday Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill requiring chains with 20 or more locations to post calorie counts and other key nutrition data on menus AND indoor menu boards by 2011. California is the first state to implement this requirement. New York City passed a similar law in April.

Many restaurants already provide information on their web sites, but having the info front and center while ordering is a BIG change--and one we applaud.

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AMT Partners with Hyatt Hotels for Custom Run Route Cards

We're very excited to announce our latest partnership! Guests of Hyatt hotels throughout North America will be able to run outdoors along a custom route designed by yours truly and the rest of the AMT team.

As part of its StayFit@Hyatt program, colorful 2-8 mile route maps with written directions are now available via the hotels' concierges, fitness centers and front desks.

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