In the middle of campus, UN's 400-meter track is just what you'd expect from a collegiate oval: a soft surface, a football field in the center, and seating for thousands around the perimeter. Posted track hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

Desert parks are notoriously difficult to upkeep and maintain (especially during the dry months, which are quite a few for this part of the country). So, don't expect Rancho San Rafael to wow you with huge trees, acres of green grass or babbling brooks and streams.

Within two miles of downtown Reno (and our highly recommended Siena Hotel), this 400-meter high school track is a convenient option for runners desiring an interval session or an accuratel

Full Pedal Reno is an indoor cycling studio equipped with bikes, padded weight bars, and lively music. The North Reno location is located right off the 659 freeway. Athletic-Minded Travelers can look forward to a fun workout with nightclub quality sound in a stadium style pedal room.